1259 - Der Weg nach Eden
The Way to Eden
H.G. Ewers

The Porleyters explain to Rhodan that the Master of the Elements has acquired a tremendous psi power over the millennia and the only way to fight it is to cause his devolution and remove his skills. The Porleyters manufacture a weapon called the Impulse Activator, which looks like a spear with a hexagonium tip. The Impulse Activator funnels its energy through one hundred hexadim transmitters which turn out to be the radiotelescope looking devices that the viroships recently discovered. After handing the weapon to Rhodan, the two Porleyters Lafsater-Koro-Soth and Qumran-Fayed-Pogh accept to get on the Base and accompany Rhodan to Eden II.

On the Porleyters' recommendation, The Base then heads for Fornax where a creature known as the Nocturnian should know the position of Eden II.

The Nocturnians have evolved from fragments of the Swarm and as they grow up, they create residual psi matter known as Paratau. Their growth through the Fornax galaxy leads to the creation of rotating quartz towers spread throughout space.

The Base reaches Fornax and is directed toward the Nocturnian elder, Eye of Light, who lives in the Nocturnian Shadow system and is made of 700,000 quartz towers. The elder tells the Terrans that he is fourteen million years old and that he was given his name by the early Cosmocrats. In exchange for the position of Eden II, the Nocturnian asks the Terrans to remove the excess of Paratau matter that has accumulated in a region of Fornax, and which is preventing the creation of new towers. The Terrans accept.

During the operation, the immense quantities of Paratau create parapsychic phenomena inside the Base and cause Gesil to get in touch with her unborn daughter, who reveals to her the way to Eden II. After the Paratau collection is over, the Base is suddenly taken directly to Eden II along lines of the psionic field.

When they arrive, they realize that twenty other viroships have also found Eden II. Rhodan suddenly wonders how they have been able to find Eden II but when he finally understands, it is too late and disaster strikes.

On board of one of these viroships is the mysterious guru Magus Coyaniscatsi who turns out to be nobody else than the Master of the Elements. He is the one who led the viroships toward Eden II and now that he is at the center of It's Sphere of Influence, he strikes with his weapon, the Psiclotron.

The twenty viroships instantaneously turn into fragments of the Negasphere and the entirety of Eden II gets hit. The entire crew of the Base falls into stasis and It disappears.

Savoring his victory, the Master of the Elements remembers how he got the viroships to get together in order to hide his own mental radiation. He had already tried to move to Eden II when Seth Apophis emitted her Death Impulse but his attempt failed because of the Crabbians and of the Kartanians.

On the Base, only Gesil has been spared and she realizes that her unborn daughter is protecting her. Two other people have felt the psycho-shock from the distance: Iruna of Bass-Thet, Kazzenkatt's siter, and Giffi Marauder, the Astral Fisher. Iruna immediately sets herself into the state of Zero-Dream and heads toward Eden II.

On the Base, Gesil picks up the Impulse Activator and gets ready to confront the Master of the Elements.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-29

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