1258 - Sternenfieber
Stellar Fever
H.G. Ewers

Perry Rhodan decides to ask the Porleyters for help in trying to locate Eden II and the Base departs for New Moragan-Pordh. When they reach the Aerthan system, they discover one hundred giant structures that look like a radio-telesecope. Black spaceships are dragging a satellite in the shape of a Moebius strip inside the sun's corona.

In the same time, several viroships discover an invitation to meet at a specific point in space. They arrive in the system of Cyma in the Magellanic Clouds where they are arrested as spies. An unknown entity appears and offers them a second chance by sending them back in time and to the coordinates they found.

The two viroships, Lullubyr and Orchid, are then kept in place by a trap between the Milky Way and M-33 and they discover that the trap was set by the Ishanees.A man called Magus Coyaniscatsi appears and tells them he has the power to dissolve the trap thanks to his Crystal Sphere. After the viroships are freed, Magis offers the vironauts his help in locating Eden II.

During these events, a nomad who forgot his real name appears in a foreign universe. His name is Shadow-Spear and he's looking for the Jewel of the Good-Willings, which belongs to Lullaby and her sister Bansheeroom. She remembers the cold of a tower and believes she's part of a dream. One night, they are stopped by three bright shapes.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-21

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