1257 - Die Letzte Schlacht
The Last Fight
H.G. Francis

As Bull is trying to concentrate on the Permit, a small hologram of Stalker appears and declares that the Eternal Warriors, the Masters of Estartu, have a code made of three parts : the Code of Honor, the Code of Fight and the Code of Obedience, and their philosophy is the Permanent Fight. The Permit in the shape of a glove suddenly shrinks on Bull who can no longer get rid of it. Under its psychic influence, he turns into the Warrior and starts giving orders to the Cloreonians.

Bull also visits the consciousness of the Organism Society, made of Ce Droonen, Ce Hardinin and Ce Vullnenen. The consciousness puts Bull in charge of the Cloreonians.

Four Hanse Specialists, Doran Meinster, Agid Vendor, Colophon Bytargeau and Mirandola Cainz, want to serve Volcayr and head toward Hermit. On their way, they are captured by Arxanxer, the guardian of a place called Cloe-Trax-Whuo, created secretly five thousand years ago by Cloreonian scientists and artists where they hid Cloreonian artefacts. The fource Vorinauts eventually reach Volcayr and swear allegiance to him.

Volcayr eventually declares that the Last Fight is over. The Cloreonians have successfully passed the test and can now join the Eternal Warrior. In exchange, they receive the technology of transmitters and Volcayr tells Bull that the glove doesn't make him a Warrior but merely an applicant. Volcayr disappears with the four Hanse Specialists while Bull gets rid of the Permit inside the Virgo Gate sun.

The Explorer then receives an SOS from the Lashat.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-18

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