1256 - Die Faust des Kriegers
The Fist of the Warrior
Peter Griese

The Elfahdian Volcayr introduces himself as the Warrior's Weapon Bearer. He kidnaps Bull and takes him to underground installations where an army of robots is being created, commanded by the Eternal Warrior. Bull is brought back to the surface where he is picked up by a fleet of three thousand Cloreonian spaceships.

While they are exploring a nearby planet, the Terran Rainer Deike discovers a recording made by a creature called Commenzatara who is looking for the answer to the Eternal Question, which concerns the planets Ciclaun, Perpetim, Sans-Cror, Alvaandoree, Manludum and Vilyandoc. Deiker takes the creature, which looks like a plant, on board his spaceship and returns to the main fleet.

On Hermit, the Cloreonians are revolting against the Organism Society, which they deem an aberration that goes against natural evolution, while Deike departs with Commenzatara to help her with her quest.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-18

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