1255 - Unternehmen Quarantäneschirm
Operation Quarantine Shield
Arndt Ellmer

The archives recognize Bull as the Warrior and disclose the Cloreonian history...

Five thousand years ago, the Cloreonian empire included six solar systems on top of Virgo Gate. Kalmer the Warrior appeared and asked for the Cloreonian's obedience. When they refused, Kalmer ordered the Elfahdians to destroy the five outer planets, which they did using showers of meteorites. Half of the Cloreonians died and Kalmer surrounded Cloreon with a protective shield destined to punish them and keep them prisoners until his return, five thousand years later. Then, the Cloreonians would be exposed to the Last Fight and if they proved themselves worthy, they would become Kalmer's Warriors and they would be greeted inside the Elysian Fields. Otherwise, they would be destroyed.

Prisoners on their own planet, the Cloreonians created the Organism Society and started modifying themselves genetically while fighting for survival against the Elfahdians. Eventually, they withdraw underground and start preparing themselves for the return of the Warrior.

A Cloreonian spaceship from the outer colonies arrives in the Virgo Gate, commanded by Haikin, who looks like the original Cloreonians. He tells the Vironauts that the Blue Guards from Ciclaun, the Green Guards from Perpetim, the Red Guards fromSans-Cror, the Grey Guards from Alvaandoree, the Purple Guards from Manludum and the Black Guards from Vilyandoc are ready for the fight against Kalmer.

Haikin leads Bull to the control station of the Quarantine Shield and using his Permit, Bull deactivates it. However, and old conditioning prevents the Cloreonians from leaving their planet until the Last Fight, which has to happen in the contect of the Permanent Conflict. The Elfahdian Volcayr appears and also declares that he's ready for the Last Fight.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-18

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