1254 - Welt ohne Hoffnung
World without Hope
Kurt Mahr

The Terrans discover an underground installation of the Cloreonians and start exploring it. They are attacked by individuals who turn out to be similar to antbodies. The entire Cloreonian society is based on a model similar to that of the human body, where an entity called the Mother creates and clones multitudes of cells, each with their own purpose. Only the fighting cells that produce warriors are created independently of the Mother.

A Cloreonian called Or Mendin contacts Bull and tells him he is trying to convince his people that they are misguided in their attempt to fight the Terrans. Or Mendin was born with a difformity and this made him think differently from his compatriots.

Or Mendin tells Bull that five thousand years ago, an individual called Kalmer arrived in the Virgo Gate system and asked for the obedience of all the Cloreonians. When they refused, Kalmer destroyed the outer five planets and promised to return to make them their slaves. After this even, the Cloreonians withdrew under the surface and starting preparing themselves for the Last Fight.

The three leaders of the Brain Cells called Ce Droonen, Ce Hardinin and Ce Vullnenen make contact with Bull and threaten to destroy the Terran crew. Bull asks for the permission to access the Cloreonian archives in order to shed some light on the Kalmer legend.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-17

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