1253 - Aufbruch nach Erendyra
Departure for Erendyra
Kurt Mahr

The three viroships Lashat, Lovely Boscyk and Explorer, forming a total of 1,600 segments and with 60,000 vironauts on board, depart together toward the Erendyra galaxy. On the way, a group of them separates and heads for Gruelfin and a few weeks later, the Lashat and the Explorer arrive in Erendyra.

Bull's Explorer arrives in a solar system which second planet is surrounded by thirty-eight rings covering all the colors of the spectrum. A further analysis reveals that the rings are maintained artificially from the planet by sending gravity impulses to keep them aligned. When they explore the planet, they discover a small vehicle looking like a hedgehog that refuses communication and fires at them.

When Bull activates the Permit he received from Stalker, the stranger finally responds to the Terrans and tells them he belongs to the Elfahdes and he was placed on this planet, Gyhdal, by his master. The Gyhdians failed passing a test and as a consequence, destroyed themselves, explaining the nuclear wasteland that now covers the planet. The Gyhdian commits suicide because he endangered someone carrying the Symbol of the Warrior, and before dying, he tells the Terrans to go to the planet Coreon where they can learn more about his master, who appears to have hidden a weapon on Gyhdian.

On April 4th, 429, the Explorer reaches Cloreon, the only planet of the solar system Virgo Gate, the other five planets having been turned in Elysian Rings. Bull calls the planet Hermit and thirty segments of the Explorer land on the planet, going through its protection field. Once landed, they realize they won't be able to go through it again but in the absence of any danger, Bull tells the rest of the Explorer fleet to stay put.

When Bull activates the Symbol of the Warrior, the Cloreonians respond by saying "The body has recognized the Symbol of the Warrior and is armed for war and ready for the Last Fight".

Cedric Beust 2005-03-10

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