1250 - Die Raum-Zeit-Ingenieure
The Space-Time Engineers
Thomas Ziegler

As the Grey Influence is increasingly covering the Abyss, Atlan, Jen Salik and Lethos-Terakdschan keep advancing toward the Mountain of Creation, trying to avoid the attacks of the Judge-Lord Krart. They reach the Last Bastion, a former construction site where an experiment conducted by Space-Time Engineers went awry and devastated the land on thousands of kilometers.

Inside the fortress, only five of the 150,000 Space-Time Engineers are still alive: Myzelhinn, Gurdengan, Boornhaal, Joiliin and Neusenyon. They are capable of manipulating both time and space and are therefore immortal. Inside the Last Bastion, the three Knights of the Abyss learn the history of the Abyss.

After Triicle-9 disappeared and its vacuum created the Negasphere, the Cosmocrats realized that Ordoban wouldn't be able to find the psionic field before a long time, so they asked the Space-Time Engineers to start building a replacement for it. The first recruit is Narl Narlensot, who becomes in charge of the Cortrans station, one of the few connections between the Abyss and the normal continuum.

Then the Engineers enroll the Jaschemes for their engineering skills and have them build the Abyss Land, a one light year flat disc whose South Pole is close to the contact with the normal universe in the Cor galaxy. The Abyss Land obeys different laws from the normal continuum, such as the maximum height of 2312 meters, referred to as the Abyss Constant.

Throughout the following centuries, the Jaschemes build additional support mechanisms to assist the other peoples that are regularly moving into the Abyss Land, including the Pit, an area that is 7.7 million kilometer big and destined to act as a buffer against the Forces of Chaos. The Jaschemes also spread billions of transmitters throughout the Abyss Land to facilitate transportation.

Then the Cosmocrats call the Alais and assign them the mission to create the city Starsen and the Abyss School. The Space-Time Engineers realize that the Grey Influence gets created whenever a region of space is devoid of psionic energy, so they create the Vagenda, a connection point that taps into the psionic frame of the normal universe and pours it into the Abyss in order to keep the Grey Influence at bay.

When the Chrass Kerzl discovers that the Grey Influence has doubled in strength in Starsen, the Space-Time Engineers create additional transformers throughout the Ni country, assisted by the Chlinians and the Lla Ssamms.

Then the Lla Ssamms experiment with a new ambitious plan: to creae a duplicate of Triicle-9 instead of rebuilding it from scratch. They start by trying to clone the consiousnesses of the inhabitants of the Abyss. The experiments wreak havoc among the Abyss inhabitants and the Space-Time Engineers now fear to lose the confidence of the Cosmocrats, which would ruin their plans to turn into a Super-Intelligence. They are particularly afraid of the scenario were Ordoban would find Triicle-9 before their task is over.

When they try to accelerate the experiment, a devastating psi explosion occurs in the Mountain of Creation which shakes the entire Abyss, accelerating the progression of the Grey Influence and shutting down the elevator doors connecting the Abyss to the normal continuum. Ten thousand Space-Time Engineers die in the explosion and the survivors create the Three Laws of the Abyss in an effort to avoid any repetition of this incident.

The lost Space-Time Engineers reappear throughout the Abyss Land in the shape of Grey Lords and the Jaschemes, horrified by the action of the Engineers, threaten to abandon their work and tell the Cosmocrats what has been happening. The Engineers react by trying to force their way inside the Mountain of Creation to take control of it, but all of them die except a handful, further accelerating the expansion of Grey Influence in the Abyss.

The survivors resign to sending an SOS to the Cosmocrats but more of them die in the attempt, only leaving five survivors. When they realize that instead of sending an army to help them, the Cosmocrats have only dispatched three Knights of the Abyss, the Space-Time Engineers understand that Triicle-9 has been found and that the return of the Abyss into the normal continuum is imminent. They then devise a plan to save the remaining peoples of the Abyss Land.

The three Knights of the Abyss realize that the activation of the Chronofossils is causing the barriers between the Abyss and the normal continuum to crack and they understand that the only way they can prevent the peoples of the Abyss from being exterminated is to become Grey Lords.

Atlan and Salik cross the Glass Bridge leading to the Mountain of Creation and everything shatters under them, casting them into the Abyss. As he is falling, Atlan sees the face of Perry Rhodan staring at him from above. Krart's shuttle rescues Atlan and Salik and after turning them into Grey Lords, introduces them into the Grey Chamber.

Cedric Beust 2005-03-03

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