1249 - Auf dem Weg zum Licht
On the Way to the Light
H.G. Ewers

During the fight against the Shado Army, Atlan's status of Knight of the Abyss is mentioned in a radio communication, which is intercepted by the Lla Ssamms. They stop the attack and at the same moment, Jen Salik disappears, kidnapped by Larch into a microscopic world using a device from Hathor technology.

Atlan and Lethos enter deeper into the Glass Maze and eventually discover Marauder, who calls himself a Nomad and is now living in a village populated by people who found shelter against the Grey Influence. Atlan meets a beautiful Akon woman called Iruna of Bass-Thet and immediately falls in love with her. Salik and Larch are finally ejected from the microscopic world and returned to the normal universe. The shock kills Larch, which Salik identifies as a Horach-Teh, a messenger from the Ancients.

Iruna of Bass-Thete take Atlan, Salik, Lethos and Marauder to Suun Oon Hoo, the last Lla Ssamm, who explains that the calls made by the Vagenda actually come from his people, because the Abyss Swimmers, who were supposed to protected the Vagenda, have all been absorbed by the Grey Influence.

Krart appears and asks to talk to Atlan. He claims that the Grey Influence is part of the fabric of the Universe and that it's being blocked by the psionic fields of the Moral Code, which the Cosmocrats are trying to impose. He offers to the Knights of the Abyss to be a member of the Grey Room, the supreme council of the Grey Lords. The Knighs of the Abyss decline the offer, trying to convince Krart that the Grey Lords suffer from a delusion caused by the disruption of the Moral Code after Triicle-9 disappeared from its original location.

Furious, Krart leaves and orders a renewed assault on the Knights of the Abyss and their companions, who retreat further into the Vagenda. They are eventually caught and submitted to the Grey Influence, except for the three Knights and Irune.

Helped by Shiva, Giffi Marauder manages to assist them to cross over the Wall, which separates the Ni country from the Plane of Light. Marauder informs Atlan of what Shiva told him: Iruna of Bass-Thet is actually Kazzenkatt's sister.

Iruna confirms the information and explains that she was kidnapped from the tower where she was being held prisoner by the Wi'ns by agents from the Genetic Alliance. Later, she tried to free her brother and used the psionic fields of the Moral Code to locate him, but she was eventually sucked into the Abyss.

Atlan, Jen Salik and Lethos cross over to the Plane of Light while Iruna and Marauder stay behind and try to find a way back to the normal universe.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-18

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