1248 - Das Glaslabyrinth
The Glass Maze
H.G. Ewers

When he jumped through the transmitter of the Incubator, Griff Marauder materializes in the Ni Country and meets Larch, a strange creature that possesses powerful psychic powers. Shivoac, who Marauder renamed Shiva, influences the Grey Lords so they welcome them as friends. Marauder meets with Krart, Tree, Ffrigh, Hjorrkenrott and Storklerk, the other five Judge Lords, who tell him about the presence of Atlan and Jen Salik in the Abyss.

Larch monitors Atlan, Salik and Lethos-Terakdschan as they are reaching the plateau of the Vagenda and he is surprised to discover in Lethos DNA molecules showing that he is a Hathor. The Terrans are attacked by robots and are forced to flee into the Glass Maze, which is ruled by the Lla Ssamms. Not recognizing the intruders, Lla Ssamm dispatches the Shadow Army against them, remote controlled holograms that have the ability to inflict damages to real human beings.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-18

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