1247 - Aufbruch zum Vagenda
Departure for the Vagenda
H.G. Francis

Atlan and his companion set off on their next destination: the Vagenda. On the way, they assist various people who are trying to resist the increasing pressure of the Grey Influence.

At the end of November 428, they crash ten kilometers away from the Vagenda, which is under siege by the Grey Lords. The Vagenda is a plateau protected by the Abyss Swimmers. Krart, one of the six Judge Lords, the supreme circle of the Grey Lords, tries to convince Atlan to join them by telling him that the Space-Time Engineers will eventually betray them, just like they betrayed the Cosmocrats and anyone who tried to side with them. Atlan declines the offer of the Judge-Lord but his convictions are now shaken.

The two Knights of the Abyss and their companions approach the Vagenda.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-17

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