1246 - Die Macht des Träumers
The Power of the Dreamer
Thomas Ziegler

Kazzenkatt remembers how he first met the Man of the Elements, four thousand years ago:

When they tried to conquer the neighbor galaxy, the Sarlengorts were defeated by the Wi'ns, robotic guardians that enslave the entire Sarlengort civilization. As he's about to give up, a man materializes in front of Kazzenkatt and asks him for his obedience in exchange for eternal life. Kazzenkatt accepts and becomes the new Element of the Steering.

Inside the Element of Reason, his spaceship, Kazzenkatt approaches the Solar System, which is heavily protected by the Endless Armada and the forces of the galactic coalition. He realizes that he is defeated and he's ready to receive the punishment from the Man of the Elements.

When his master appears, Kazzenkatt recognizes him as a Chaotarch, a member of the Original People from whom all the races emanated. The Man of the Elements asks Kazzenkatt to unleash the only Element left: the Element of Darkness. Initially reluctant, Kazzenkatt eventually complies.

On the Earth, It appears to Rhodan and tells him the time has come to activate the Chronofossil Terra, but that he will have to face one more danger before this can happen. When pressed by Rhodan to give him news of Atlan and Jen Salik, It shows the image of the two men crossing a gigantic bridge leading to the Mountain of Creation. Suddenly, the bridge disappears and they both fall into the Abyss.

The Element of Reason materializes in the Solar System and is immediately fired upon by Halutian spaceships. Kazzenkatt escapes in Zero-Dream and appears on the Earth, where he manages to kidnap Rhodan and bring him in his dream. At the same moment, the Element of Darkness strikes and the entire Solar System is plunged into darkness, where no communication or any radiation of any form can travel any more.

Vishna, who was outside the Solar System when the attack happened, establishes contact with the Viral Empire and manages to call her two sisters. With the help of the Viral Empire, they start fighting the Element of Darkness, which is slowly destroying the space-time continuum surrounding the Solar System.

Inside the Zero-Dream, Rhodan is delivering a desperate fight against Kazzenkatt, who is almighty in this particular environment. On the brink of giving up, Rhodan suddenly finds a depot of mental energy inside him. He realizes that this is all the psychic energy he has been collecting these past months while he activated all the Chronofossils one by one. With his new weapon, and assisted by Srimavo, Rhodan fights back and manages to kill Kazzenkatt, who disappears inside the Element of Darkness. Rhodan rematerializes in the Viral Column in front of the Cosmic Hanse and the Element of Darkness disperses.

Rhodan activates the Chronofossil Terra and the Endless Armada starts its long journey home, toward the galaxy Behaynian, 420 million light years away.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-17

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