1245 - Der böse Geist von Terra
The Evil Spirit from Terra
Kurt Mahr

As Rhodan seems resolved to fly back to Earth with the Base, Taurec recommends that the Loolandre accompany them. Nachor accepts and the two men head back toward the Milky Way.

Fredo Gophes continues his studies of the Techno Sat and manages to decode their communications. He intercepts dialogues between Kazenkatt and 1-1-Nannor, who is increasing his efforts to locate the Terran and to kill him. When Rhodan arrives on the Earth, he immediately visits Gopher to learn what has been happening, unaware that Kazenkatt is now ready to unleash his trap on him.

The immunity of the activator bearers and of the Swingers was actually a ruse from Kazenkatt to get Rhodan to come back on the Earth. Kazenkatt suddenly unleashes the full strength of the Anin-An radiation and Rhodan collapses, his vital signs coming to a sudden halt which will cause his death in a matter of hours.

Fredo Gopher still seems to be immune, though, and he strikes back by disrupting 1-1-Nannor's life supply. The Anin-An leader dies and the psychic shock stops. Nachor takes this opportunity to cast a global call to all the Elements of the Technology and they all surrender.

Before he dies, 1-1-Nannor tells Rhodan that the Anin-An used to be part of the Endless Armada but they broke away when they found a way to counter the Final Impulse, which is supposed to kill anyone who deserts from the Armada. Later, the Anin-An were recovered by the Master of the Elements who turned them into the Element of the Technology.

After the Anin-An have left to merge back into Ordoban's mental depots, the population of the Earth slowly awakes from the Psycho-Transe.

Back on the Base, Gesil tells Rhodan that she is pregnant.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-16

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