1244 - Traumwelt Terra
Dream World Terra
Kurt Mahr

After erasing Tekener's memory, Homer G. Adams goes into hiding with the actual Warner, whose knowledge is so important that he must be protected from the Decalogue at all costs.

The twenty billion brains of the Anin Ans spread on the Earth and receive the name Technosats. Their first effect is to disrupt all positronic-based technology, plunging the Earth into chaos. Soon thereafter, they take over the airwaves and subject every person of the population to a radiation that puts them into a deep sleep called Hypnotrance.

Soon, three quarters of the Earth population have fallen to the Hypnotrance and only the mutants, Psycho-stabilized people and Swingers, former members of the Psycho-Trust, are immune. One of them, Gopher, receives a direct communication from 1-01-Nannor, the Anin-An leader, asking him to surrender. Gopher refuses and successfully fights back.

In the Spirit of Reason, Kazzenkatt is satisfied with how things are going and calculates that in a few days, the Chronofossil Terra will have been completely deactivated. He is also looking forward to seeing Rhodan come back to the Earth, where a deadly trap will then kill him.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-11

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