1243 - Die Maschinen des Dekalogs
The Machines of the Decalogue
Peter Griese

When he hears the news about the Machines of the Decalogue entering the Solar System, Rhodan wants to return immediately to the Earth but Taurec convinces him to stay on the Base, because he suspects that the only reason why the Decalogue is now attacking the Earth is to bring Rhodan back there.

The twelve Machines of the Decalogue are now headed toward the center of the Solar System at a constant speed. They don't seem to be accelerating and are not opening fire, which makes the Terrans wonder if it's some sort of a trap. With Ras Tschubai's help, Tekener penetrates inside one of the Machines and discovers lifeless bodies of Anin Ans that have been deprived of their protoplasmic brain.

Nathan establishes that only one of the Machines represents a threat and that the others are a decoy, but by the time the Terrans are ready to act, the Machines have reached the Earth and the main Machine is now protected by a powerful protection shield. Suddenly, they all explode, creating an energy surge that briefly materializes a fictive transmitter.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-09

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