1242 - Tsunamis im Einsatz
Tsunamis in Action
Peter Griese

In the absence of the Signal Flame, the Star Tunnel is longer present and the Endless Armada is forced to scatter in order to fly through the Milky Way. The armada Unit 3017 arrives in the Trakarat system, which is Anti property. The arrival causes various problems and energetic shields suddenly appear around the major cities.

In the Solar System, Ronald Tekener, Jennifer Thyron and Srimavo are still looking for the Warner and they receive information from Kinon Kirgis, a Tsunami pilot, who has recently run a few experiments and has come to the conclusion that the visions broadcast by the Warner come from a Contra Computer, a special kind of computers that can only be found on Tsunami spaceships. Further investigation reveals the disappearance of Tsunami-114, which is soon located in the asteroid belt.

Inside the Tsunami-114, Tekener discovers the three speakers of the Hanse talking to a fourth person, protected by a shining silver protection shield. When he's alone with the mysterious entity, Tekener confronts him and discovers his identity: Homer G. Adams, the Chief Financial Officer of the Terran government and leader of the Hanse.

Adams tells Tekener that his work as the Warner is important and that the truth will be revealed in the next few months. However, he doesn't trust Tekener to keep the secret of his identity and has his memory erased.

When Tekener returns on Terra, he hears that the Decalogue has just made its next move: the twelve Machines of the Anin-An have just entered the Solar System and are headed toward the Earth.

Cedric Beust 2004-02-07

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