1240 - Kampf um das Technotorium
Fight for the Technotorium
Peter Griese

Using the temporary breach in the wall, Lord Mhuthan and his soldiers penetrate in the Jascheme Country and dispatch a spy called Cy. Jascheme's army is defeated by the Jaschemes because the Grey Influence is no longer strong enough to keep them together.

Atlan, Salik and Lethos Keradschan capture Lord Mhuthan, now considerably weakened, and when their former enemy is totally isolated from the Grey Influence, he turns into a luminous entity who asks forgiveness for his acts. Before he dies, Lord Mhuthan asks the Knights of the Abyss to free the Abyss from the Grey Lords with the Vagenda's help and also to derail the plan of the Space-Time Engineers, which is threatening to destroy the Abyss.

Cedric Beust 2004-01-31

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