1239 - Der Einsame der Tiefe
The Lonely of the Abyss
Arndt Ellmer

In the Neutrum, Gnassader Blek, the Lonely of the Abyss, remembers the past weeks.

As his body is about to follow the same fate as his predecessors by turning into a red metal, the surroundings of the Neutrum provokes a reaction that give Blek visions about what hs happening: thirty-six Grey Lords have managed to penetrate inside the Neutrum and they intend to conquer the Ni Country and then the Plane of Light. They take control of Blek and force him to open a breach in the Wall but the Lonely manages to free himself partially from their influence.

However, when Rarg and Nald come to him to ask for his guidance, the Grey Lords force him to lie and to accuse the Knights of the Abyss. Also, two Grey Lords take control of the two Technotors.

The Tabernacle of Holt explains these events to Jen Salik and brings him back into the Neutrum where he manages to hide. With the help of the Tabernacle, Atlan and Salik fight off the mental power of the Grey Lords who eventually perish by being sucked into the Abyss.

Cedric Beust 2004-01-31

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