1238 - Zentrum des Kyberlandes
Center of the Cyberland
Arndt Ellmer

On the way to the Technotorium, Calt tells Atlan that a fight happened between the Space-Time Engineers and the Jaschemes. When the Engineers realized that they wouldn't be able to build a new Triicle-9, they decided to create a brand new psionic field by penetrating into the Mountain of Creation. The Jaschemes opposed to the plan, claiming that it was sacrilegious, and they isolated themselves with the Wall.

In the Technotorium, the Jaschemes are divided about their next step against the Space-Time Engineers and they decide to go see the Lonely of the Abyss, an adviser who will tell the way. When consulted, the Lonely tells the Jaschemes that the Knights of the Abyss are the reason why the Wall is losing its coherence and thereby forcing the Technotors to escape into the Plane of Light. He orders the execution of the Knights of the Abyss.

When Atlan and his companions reach the Technotorium, they are arrested and sentenced to death. An unknown entity called the Holt Tabernacle appears and interceds in their favor. Then the Tabernacle tells his story.

A long time ago, the Space-Time Engineers sent the Tabernacle out to find a way to break the isolation of the Abyss. The Tabernacle discovered that the Abyss was surrounded by an impassable ring of Grey Influence and he was almost captured by Mandhell, a Grey Lord who wanted to find out exactly what the Engineers were capable of.

The Tabernacle was imprisoned in the Ni country but found a way to escape by hiding in the Schatzen museum.

Cedric Beust 2004-01-31

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