1236 - Im Reich der Jaschemen
In the Empire of the Jaschemes
H.G. Ewers

Atlan's journey toward the Vagenda is interrupted by the Jascheme Caglamas Vlot. Various peoples are in charge of the maintenance of the Abyss, such as light or weather. The Jaschemes are in charge of gravity and they have a passive form, which looks like an obelisk, and a passive form, with a rubbery-like body. The Jascheme country is located halfway between Schatzen and Vagenda.

Clio is kidnapped by Iato-Iato, a product of an attempt that Vlot made to clone himself, and he asks the toy maker to create a time machine. As Atlan, Jen Salik and their orbiters become prisoners of Vlot, Clio and Iato Iato intervene to rescue them, but Vlot seems to be hostile to the space-time engineers, so he opposes to them continuing their journey. The latest events accelerate Clio's maturity and when she reaches the next phase of her evolution, Vlot becomes more friendly to the group.

Cedric Beust 2004-01-31

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