1235 - Blitz über Eden
Lightning over Eden
Clark Darlton

Ellert receives a call from It asking him to come to Eden II in order to help him prepare the Chronofossil activation. It gives Ellert a viral spaceship and a companion, and both soon head out toward the center of the Sphere of Influence of the Super Intelligence.

A rupture in the psionic lines forces them to interrupt their journey and they surface near a methane planet called Crabb, populated by creatures living in symbiosis with Psykians. Ellert detects the presence of the Nega-Psi, a field of negative psionic energy that is threatening to destroy the Crabb civilization. Using his viral abilities and assisted by the sacrifice of his companion, Ellert manages to neutralize the Nega Psi, saving the entire Crabb civilization.

With the psionic lines restored, Ellert resumes his journey and soon receives another mental call asking him to come back so he can be thanked for his deeds. However, Ellert realizes that this message is not coming from the Crabbs, so he continnues his trip and makes another stop on a planet where he meets the Lermunians, a people he soon realizes are ancestors of the Lemurians.

Finally, Ellert reaches Eden II where he starts preparing the Chronofossil, under the close scrutiny of twenty billion consciousnesses that have received a body for the occasion.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-01

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