1234 - Piratensender Acheron
Pirate Station Acheron
Ernst Vlcek

As the Armada enters the Milky Way, the Terran broadcast is overwhelmed by a pirate show called "And all the stars go out". A bright light without face that calls itself the Warner depicts terrifying visions of a possible future.

In the first vision, twelve Machines from the Anin-an, the Element of Technology, invade the Solar System and drop on the surface of the Earth millions of robots that cast all Terrans in a state of sleep. Only Vishna manages to intervene by reconnecting to the Viral Empire but the attack is actually a diversion, which Kazzenkatt uses as a diversion to launch a massive strike against the Terran empire, killing Perry Rhodan, his death causing the stars to go out, as the prophecy claimed.

In order to avoid this future, the Warner asks the Terrans to not trust the Cosmocrats and the Viral Empire. In Terrania, Belice and Gesil visit a boarding school to meet with a fifteen-year old girl who has recently shown mutant powers. The two women soon realize that the girl is the reincarnation of Srimavo, who rematerialized here after she lost the fight against her older sister when trying to save Quiupu from the Spoodies that had been infected by Seth Apophis.

Taurec takes the three women inside the Viral Empire and decides to make the Endless Armada fly by the Earth, which creates euphoria in the Terrans who hope to make an evolutionary jump.

The Warner shows one last vision where Kazzenkatt manages to rally the Armadists against the Terrans, which eventually leads to the Earth turning into a sun.

Cedric Beust 2005-01-26

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