1233 - Rückkehr in die Minuswelt
Return to the Deficit World
Kurt Mahr

On Chort, Ernest Eller and Tormsen Vary are slowly winning over all the Icies, convincing them that they are being deceived by the Decalogue. Since the blockade around Gatas by the Decalogue cannot be broken, Perry Rhodan decides to move the fight on Chort, which is still in the middle of the star tunnel, hence preventing the Endless Armada from passing through because of its Frost Aura.

Powerful torpedoes are sent in the vicinity of Chort, surprising Kazzenkatt, who is forced to dispatch some of his forces back on the ice planet. Meanwhile, Abel Waringer and Yling Reece have completed the Negative Device and, by enabling it at the right moment, manage to hurl back Chort and its accompanying defenses back into the Deficit World. With this defeat, Kazzenkatt also loses 250,000 Elements of Space.

On November 30th, 428, the Endless Armada reaches the Verth System and a powerful psycho-shock releases Rhodan's mental energy from the Chronofossil and transmits it back to Ordoban's depot. The shockwave is so strong that Taurec calculates that the presence of the entire Endless Armada is no longer needed on the last two Chronofossils, Terra and Eden II. Only a fraction should suffice. The shock also has an effect on the evolution of the Blues, who will develop new abilities in the next generations.

Still worried by the recent non-responsivenss of the Viral Empire, Taurec decides to head back to the Earth, accompanied by Vishna, Ernst Ellert and Gesil, who feels a strange connection with Vishna.

Cedric Beust 2005-01-24

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