1232 - Anschlag auf Gatas
Attack on Gatas
Kurt Mahr

The Icy Mist reaches Gatas and despite a strong defense from the GAVOK forces helped by the Cosmic Bazaar, a deadly cold starts surrounding Gatas. However, the temperature only drops to -20C and then stabilizes. Rhodan, now on Gatas, relaizes that not everything is going according to Kazzenkatt's plan and he challenges the Commander of the Elements, who then sends an ultimatum to the Gatasians that if they haven't left their planet in the next twenty-four hours, they will be destroyed.

Rhodan decides to send Tormsen Vary back on Chort, where he will try to convince the Icies that the Terrans are not their enemy and that if they cancel their attack on Gatas, the Galactics will do everything they can to send them back into the Deficit World, away from the mental pain inflicted by the Flame Signal.

Tormsen Vary is accompanied by Ernst Ellert, who is confident that his viral uniform will protect him against the deadly cold, and four Posbis, since Chort used to be a Posbi planet before it was captured by the Element of the Cold into the Deficit Univers and then sent back to the normal continuum.

Meanwhile, Waringer and one of his coworkers named Yling Reece are trying to send an asteroid back into the Deficit World. The experiment succeeds but has been observed by an Element of Space, who reports it to Kazzenkatt.

On Chort, Vary makes contact with a group of Icies and explains to them that their current leader is an Element of the Mask posing as him. When Kazzenkatt hears about Vary's presence on Chort, he dispatches Elements of the War and of the Transcendance on the Posbi planet.

Cedric Beust 2005-01-01

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