1231 - Unternehmen Thermoschild
Operation Thermo Shield
Thomas Ziegler

A small Icy fleet of a hundred spaceships arrives near Gatas, and in order to defend their home world, the Blues set up a blockade of mines designed to heat up the ambient space. In spite of Rhodan's warnings, the Icies attack and the Thermo Shield created by the mines creates chaos in their rank, along with a physical reaction on their bodies making them incapable of transmitting the Psycho-Frost. Half of the fleet is decimated, and the Icies turn around.

Taurec, Vishna and Krohn Meysenhart go on a mission to capture an Icy in order for Waringer to verify some of his theories. They board the Kisch, Meysenhart's old spaceship, and manage to capture Tormsen Vary, the leader of the Icies. Having captured their leader, Rhodan convinces the Icies to meet in the Intergalactic space, away from the Galactic Flame, which should ease their mental pain.

The Icies initially accept but a change suddenly occurs in their behavior. A fleet of several thousands of units coming from Chort appears, accompanied by twenty-five thousand Elements of Space and of Spirit. Rhodan realizes that the Icies have found a new leader, which he strongly suspects to be Kazzenkatt.

Cedric Beust 2005-01-14

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