1230 - Psychofrost
Psycho Frost
Thomas Ziegler

The Master of the Elements manages to rescue the victims of the Elements of the Cold from the Deficit World. Instead of being banned in the empty space of the Multiverse, the Icies are now able to return into the normal continuum, carrying with them the Psycho-Frost, an illness caused by the interfacing of the two universes and that causes its bearer to lose all their memories. The Icies are feeling pain caused by the Flame Signal and are therefore fighting the Galactic Forces in an attempt to destroy the Flame.

20,000 Icies are sent on Yurth, a Blue planet, and start converting its inhabitants. Rhodan and his team lead the attack against the Icies and identify their commander, a man named Tormsen Vary. Ten thousand light years from Verth, the industrial planet Chort materializes in the Stellar Tunnel, the pathway created by the Flame Signal for the Endless Armada, surrounded by twenty thousand spaceships.

Cedric Beust 2005-02-12

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