123 - Saboteure in A-1
Saboteurs In A-1
Kurt Brand

On Arkon I, Hoga converses with Jukan, a Springer who serves as a courier for members of the Thekus group. Hoga asks for Jukan to contact Joe Luklein, a Terran member of the Solar Defense in order to reveal to him plans of (and therefore to betray) the radical Arkonide group anxious to destroy the Regent.

In another place, an old Arkonide, Drakont, meets with Mith, Tro-Lugo and Haan. The uncle of Tro-Lugo has been recruited in order to replace the impulse-beamer of John Marshall (who has assumed responsibility for the close protection of Atlan) with a booby-trapped weapon containing a bomb. Drakont also learns that Jukan has just been murdered after he met with Luklein.

In the Terran embassy on Arkon I, Tifflor receives the alarming findings of the P-brain of Venus: the Akonides support the revolutionaries on Arkon and will denounce the treaties with the Solar Imperium after the death of Atlan.

The atmosphere is therefore one of conspiracy and the situation in M-13 is tense.

The substitution of Marshall's weapon takes place without awakening the suspicions of the telepath but he his lucky enough to cross paths with Wuriu Sengu who notices the bomb. Alone Pucky intervenes and teleports with the weapon well outside the palace grounds where it finally explodes thereby avoiding disaster.

Rhodan calls Atlan and counsels him to move inside the Robot Regent in order to be in a more secure environment.

Tro-Lugo and Haans commit suicide before being captured by the police.

On Earth, Mercant and Bell discuss the political situation in M-13: the situation for Atlan is rapidly deteriorating thereby placing him in great danger. Indeed Carba had his uncle, Thekus, murdered because Thekus had probably opposed the interference of the Akonides in their organization. It is not necessary to forget that the Akonides wish to destroy the Solar Imperium!

On the planet Trum, Luklein receives the very dangerous mission to travel to the village of Gilka where Hoga has taken refuge.

Aboard the IRONDUKE, Rhodan and Atlan attempt to convince the Regent of the vulnerability of its security control system, A-1, when faced with the temporal system (time field) of the Akonides. However, the Regent remains convinced of the inviolability of its A-1 circuit that is auto-protected. And yet, just a few minutes later, it calls for help: unknown intruders have penetrated into the A-1 sector.

Immediately Rhodan and Atlan decide to travel to the Regent.

On Trum Luklein locates his objective and gets ready to go into action.

Rhodan, Atlan, some mutants and engineers penetrate into the interior of the Robot Regent and discover with wonder the extent of the facilities of the brain: they need more than one hour to reach the A-1 sector. The A-1 main circuit room is surrounded inside by a temporal field within which eight Akonides are busy at work.

In the village of Gilka, Luklein watches Hoga's hangout. Just as he enters it in order to capture Hoga, he is discovered by robots: a battle commences and everybody perishes following the explosion of a thermal bomb.

Meanwhile, inside the Robot Regent, it is impossible for the mutants to cross the temporal field. Rhodan realizes that the only way to reach the eight Akonides is to pirate the transmitter that has teleported them there. Everybody returns to the IRONDUKE and a commando team utilizes a transmitter which is on the same frequency as the Akonides: they find themselves aboard an Akonide vessel which they force to surrender. From then on the Akonides inside the Robot Regent have no other choice than to surrender. Alas, they are cut down by the Regent as soon as their temporal field is deactivated carrying away with them the secret of what modifications they made to the Regent. However, the results of these modifications soon begin to manifest themselves when the regent orders all Terran vessels to leave the Arkon System.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-09-22

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