1229 - Psionisches Roulette
Psionic Roulette
Ernst Vlcek

In the Trizidian station Eugen-1, Atlan and Salik listen to Clio remembering her past...

When the Space-Time Engineers realize that the Grey Influence are threatening the Triicle-9 project, they create the Vagenda, a source of energy destined to oppose it. In order for the Vagenda to permeate the entire Abyss, projectors need to be placed everywhere, and to achieve this goal, the Jaschemes, the Abyss Technicians, create the Chylinians, a race of people with this only purpose. The first Chylinian is called Clio.

The Space-Time Engineers then fit the domes with Fictive Transmitters and the Chylinian are asked to disperse the various people throughout the Abyss in order to generate a psionic field that will later be used to power the replacement of Triicle-9. As centuries go by, the Chylinians stop receiving instructions from the Engineers and become toy makers.

Clio becomes Jen Salik's orbiter and the Exterminators propose a negotiation to the Knights of the Abyss, which turns out to be a trap and leads to their capture. The three Knights are taken in front of Lord Mhuthan, who has been orchestrating everything

Cedric Beust 2004-01-05

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