1228 - Clio, die Spielzeugmacherin
Clio, the Toy Maker
H.G. Francis

Throughout the Abyss, an alarming phenomenon starts happening: people vanish while other appear out of nowhere. Lethos-Terakdschan climbs on the roof of the dome and learns the other two Laws: "Do not modify the constant of the Abyss, or you will destroy the Abyss" and "The vital energy is the life pulse, whoever interrupts it enables Grey Life". The main accumulator of Mhuthan informs the Terrans that the Space-Time Engineers once experimented with some of the instable life sources but gave up on them because it turned out to be too dangerous.

The Exterminators appear in Mhuthan. They are sent by the Space-Time Engineers to enforce the First Law and they execute whoever violated it.

In the Vanhirdekin country, a woman called Clio is busy trying to create a cell activator for the humanoide Norb Erst when she is suddenly teleported into Korzbranch. When she sees the actions of the Exterminators, Clio flees through a transmitter dome and arrives in Mhuthan, where she teams up with Atlan and Salik. When she sees Jen Salik's activator, the memory of her youth comes back to her.

Cedric Beust 2004-01-05

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