1227 - Lord Mhutans Stunde
Lord Mhutan's Hour
Arndt Ellmer

When they enter in the Grcy Country, Sokrat, Atlan's orbiter, becomes a victim of the grey influence and he turns against the two immortals, confiscating their life activator. Atlan and Salik become part of the Grey Life and are taken in the transmitter-dome of Mhuthan from where the armies are dispatched.

Lethos-Terakdschan departs for Korzbranch after he received a mental map of the Abyss, which turns out to be a one light-year-wide disk. In its exact center stands the Vagenda, which has the shape of a double helix, and not far away is the Mountain of Creation. On the other end of the Abyss Country is Starsen and two light-months away, Mhuthan and Schatzen. Lethos notices that the transmitter domes throughout the Abyss started pulsating, a sign he interprets as an impending disaster.

Twirl creates a corridor of mental energy that reaches into the transmitter dome, releasing Sokrat from the Grey Influence. The Halutian turns against Mhuthan and to save his life, the Lord shows the Halutian two double helixes on the roof of the transmitter, each of them containing one of the three Laws of the Abyss. The first Law says "Protect yourself against the Forces that are not part of the Vagenda, whoever uses them will transform peoples". Lord Mhuthan uses the distraction of the helixes to flee and Sokrat recovers the life activators, freeing Atlan and Salik from the Grey Influence.

Cedric Beust 2004-01-05

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