1224 - Rückkehr in den Frostrubin
Return into the Frost Ruby
Thomas Ziegler

On the way to the Frost Ruby, it occurs to Rhodan that Taurec needs him as much as he needs the Cosmocrats. Taurec tells Rhodan that the Moral Code defines the universe as a program, not as a set of moral laws. Each part of the Moral Code is in charge of a small part of the universe and a two-way interaction is constantly happening between them, carried by entities called the Messengers.

The nature of the Moral Code is responsible for the values of cosmic constants, such as the speed of light or the absolute zero, and they also define the foundation of physics. When Triicle-9 disappeared, the region of space it was in charge of turned into an area controlled by the Powers of Chaos, and Rhodan suddenly identifies it: it is the Negasphere, where the Man of the Elements resides and created the Decalogue of the Elements.

Taurec says that the Negasphere might cause a ripple effect through the universe if it is not corrected, and in order for this to happen, not only must Triicle-9 be brought back to its original location, it must also be rid of parasitic elements that have invaded it and are preventing it from shaking off the Porleyter anchor. Taurec explains that when Vishna tried to hijack the Viral Empire, the explosion that ensued caused him to recover sight from his second eye, and that since then, they are both sharing some sort of connection.

The shockwaves created by the activation of the three Chronofossils have destroyed all the Ruby Parasites except three, which materialize with Rhodan's features. After a mental fight, Rhodan manages to neutralize them and also to free Taurec from a time loop in which he had gotten stuck. As the two men leave the Frost Ruby, they realize that not only have they dissolved the Porleyter anchor, they have also restored the contact between Triicle-9 and the Abyss, and Rhodan gets a short glimpse of Atlan there.

In the Milky way, the Elements of the Cold and of the Mask launch an attack against Nathan and violent fights ensue. The first spaceships of the Armada appear in Eastside and are immediately subject to an attack from the Psycho-Cold, a manifestation of the Ice Mist that Kazzenkatt is unleashing against the Galactic Forces.

Cedric Beust 2004-12-31st

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