1223 - Ordobans Erbe
Ordoban's Legacy
Detlev G. Winter

On the way to the Galactic East, the Base is contacted by It who tells the Terrans that the Element of the Cold is no more and that they must forget about all the people that have been sucked into the deficit world. The super-intelligence also tells the Terrans they must use the Viral Empire to calculate a trajectory for the Endless Armada through the Milky Way, but that the super-computer is experiencing unexplained problems. When Reginal Bull asks It for his help, the creature refuses and replies that the Terrans will soon have to steer away from the Cosmocrats and avoid being involved in the fight between the Order and the Chaos.

Vishna announces that the activation of the three Chronofossils hasn't restored the connection between the mental depots, so she departs with Nachor for the center of the Endless Armada to investigate. In a mental depot, Nachor identifies the mental fragments of Ordoban, and guided by Saddreyu, discovers that somebody is sabotaging and altering the memories of the warrior.

Nachor eventually finds out that Saddreyu is responsible for the alterations and learns that the Powers of Chaos substituted the original Saddreyu with one of their agents a long time ago. The fake Saddreyu manages to trap Nachor and Vishna and intends to create duplicates of them in order to take control of the Endless Armada. At the last minute, Nachor invokes the memories of Ordoban and manages to restore the connection between the mental depots. Saddreyu is defeated and Nachor completes his transformation into Ordoban.

Cedric Beust 2004-12-30

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