1222 - Das Chronofossil
The Chronofossil
Arndt Ellmer

Dove arrives on the Decalogue base Force, which is now under the control of the Admiral Normorken Shik. Dove and Shik decide to transfer the protoplasm from Margin 1 on the World of a Hundred Suns in order to neutralize the influence of the Hate Protoplasm. When Kazzenkatt realizes what his enemies are up to, he summons several Elements and sends them against Force, but the galactic forces prevail.

Kazzenkatt learns that his commander, the Master of the Elements, is getting ready to send his deadliest weapon, the Ice Mist, after the Milky Way. As the Hate Protoplasm is finally defeated, the Endless Armada approaches the World of a Hundred Suns and the 5D shockwave sets off, shaking off the Frost Ruby further away from its Porleyter anchor.

The shockwave alters the Posbis, allowing them to jump to the next stage of their evolution toward real sentience. Dove joins Normorken Shik, who sets off with his people, hoping to find their home world. Taurec tells Rhodan that the time has come for an important mission and both teleport inside the Frost Ruby. Vishna and Nachor-Ordoban leave the Base and the Endless Armada takes course toward the next Chronofossil: Eastside.

Cedric Beust 2004-12-09

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