1219 - Der blockierte Mutant
The Blocked Mutant
H.G. Francis

Lethos Kerasdschan stayed behind to help Bonsin recover from his psychic shock. Bonsin finally wakes up and accepts to assist Lethos, who creates a robot in the form of a Porleyter from his memory of the Kesdschan cathedral vault. Together, they rescue three hundred Hatterian children as they were about to be sacrificed by an unidentified black entity that turns out to work for Lord Mhuthan.

Atlan and Bonsin head for a place called Schatzen, rumored to contain additional information on the past of the Abyss. There, they face Atlan and Jen Salik who have been sent to kill them, in an attempt to prove their loyalty to Lord Mhuthan. After getting rid of the intruders, Lord Mhuthan intends to conquer Schatzen.

The four men flee from Lord Mhuthan and join with Lethos, who has decided to make Bonsin his Orbiter.

Cedric Beust 2004-12-2nd

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