1218 - Der Haluter Sokrates
The Socrates Halutian
H.G. Francis

On their quest to meet with a Grey Lord, Atlan and Jen Salik arrive in the station Eugen-17, where they meet Domo Sokrat, a five-hundred year old Halutian whose ancestors were brought into the Abyss by Drul Drulensot centuries ago. Sokrat considers himself a philosopher and is not taking sides between the Gray Lords and the Cosmocrats.

When Sokrat discovers that the Tizidians have taken an imprint of his DNA and created twelve clones of him, he decides to rebel against the Gray Lords and he then sides with Atlan and Jen Salik. Atlan takes him as his Orbiter and calls him Socrates. After they've faked to have captured him, Atlan and Jen Salik receive an invitation from Lort Mhurthan.

Cedric Beust 2004-12-2nd

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