1215 - Der Ruf des Stahlherrn
The Steel Man's Call
Ernst Vlcek

Atlan, Wolebol and Chulch reach the periphery of Starsen where they are captured by missionaries of the Steel Man. Through one of them, the Steel Man speaks to Atlan and tells him that he needs his help and that he will meet him in the Cathedral Kesdschan. Puzzled, Atlan wonders if he heard the message right, considering that the galaxy Norgan Tur is in the normal universe, 86 millions of light years from here. He finally understands that he needs to climb the Starsen wall where the double consciousness of Tengri Lethos and Lethos-Keradschan manifested itself.

After he voluntarily entered the energy converter, Jen Salik reaches the main depot of psionic energy where he is greeted by Lethos-Keradschan. The Hathor tells him he is in control of one of the four gates and that so far, he has been able to keep the Gray Influence at bay, but they need to act or in three Abyss years, Starsen will be lost. With Salik's help, the energy flows are disrupted and the status system starts falling apart.

Atlan starts climbing the wall and the gravity increases regularly. As he is about to give up, he reaches the top of the wall and is suddenly transported to the Cathedral Kesdschan.

Cedric Beust 2004-11-30

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