1214 - Ein Raumriese erwacht
A Space giant Awakens
H.G. Ewers

Trapped in a time anomaly, Dove receives visions of a distant past.Nauvoac and Shivauc work for the Cosmocrats and spread quanta-On and Noon to create life in the galaxy. They are members of the Catarac, an organization that predates the Seven Mighty Ones. The hypertron of their spore ship breaksdown and they sacrifice their life to create three more galaxies before the ship explodes. As a result, their consciousness now permeates these three galaxies.

Taurec, Vishna, Ras Tschubai, Irminia Kotchistowa and Ernst Ellert arrive in the Incubator, where Eller hears about Nauvoac and Shivauc and of the presence of an okrill. In order to know how the Gruuthes and the Elements of War are created, Taurec decides to visit the real base of the Decalogue.

Taurec realizes that the fake Tyrik who trapped the Base is none else than the Master of the Elements, and that the Protoplasm from the World of a Hundred Suns has been abducted and is now inside the Incubator. When the impostor discovers the presence of the Terrans, he launches the Grey Force after them, forcing them to flee. Then he asks for their surrender or he will destroy the Protoplasm.

The Protoplasm manages to fight back and to awaken the Space Giant that hosts the Incubator. Weakened by centuries of abuse from the Decalogue, the Giant doesn't have enough strength to fight the Master of the Element and the attempt fails. The Terrans return on the Base and fall under the influence of the Hate Protoplasm, like the rest of the crew except for Ellert, who realizes that Rando 1 is a Chronodegenerescence.

Stallion Dove, Einstein and their companions leave the Base of the Decalogue that starts dissolving and rematerialize in an unknown place.

Cedric Beust 2004-11-24

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