1212 - Die größte Show des Universums
The Greatest Show of the Universe
H.G. Francis

On the Base, several incidents announce the imminent appearance of Tyrik, the Cosmocrat, who will be featuring the "Greatest show of the universe".

Pucky detects panicked thouhts from Nachor in the Loolandre. Accompanied by Gesil, he returns there to find that Aytos and White Ravens have captured the Armada Prince and are about to sink him into Ordoban's psychic matter. Pucky realizes that Nachor is voluntarily submitting himself to this. Saddreyu appears and explains that Nachor and Ordoban's psychic matter need to merge in order to enable Nachor's memories of Ordoban.

When the fusion is accomplished, all the Armada Flames disappear and Nachor-Ordoban announces to the entire Endless Armada that they are now free to go. However, he asks from them one last favor: that they stay with him until Triicle-9 has returned to its native location. Most peoples in the Endless Armada accept. Nachor, Gesil and Pucky then head for the Armada Prophet who tells them that they must release the metal depots, which will open the way toward the Abyss.

Tyrik materializes on the Base in the shape of Nachor and tells Rhodan that he must abort the trip toward the World of a Hundred Suns and instead, set courst toward Rando 1, which will become the real Chronofossil because that's where the protoplasm has been moved.

The fleet reaches Rando 1 as Nachor, Pucky and Gesil return on the Base. Nachor now has the memories of Ordoban and he recognizes that the so-called Tyrik is actually an impostor. Tyrik suddenly disappears and a massive psychic wave hits the base and paralyzes its entire crew.

Cedric Beust 2004-11-24

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