1211 - Der gute Geist von Magellan
The good spirit of Magellan
Thomas Ziegler

Fake Dolans manned by Elements of the Masks passing as Dolans appear in Magellan and start attacking several planets. Vishna and Taurec are joined by Pucky and Ernst Ellert who confirm that Perry Rhodan's psychic substance is gone. After several unsuccessful attempts, Pucky detects some of Rhodan's presence and helped by Ernst Ellert, he makes contact with the Good Spirit of Magellan, the Magellan deity.

The Good Spirit turns out to be Rhodan's psychic substance after it mutated fromthe Neo-Howalgonium radiations present on Baykalob, the capital of Magellan. The Good Spirit revives the memories of the Elements of the Mask about their origin: a long time ago, during the Tba rebellion ,four-thousand Gys-Voolberah were rescued by the Element of the Technique and turned into a weapon of the Decalogue.

The Elements of the Mask recover their true identity and ask the people of Magellan for forgiveness for the atrocitied committed by the Bi-Conditioned. The peoples of Magellan are now relieved of their fear for the return of the Bi-Conditioned and the Chronofossil heals itself. The Gys-Voolberahs head for Targriffe, their new home.

On March 10th, the Syzzel departs for the periphery of the Little Magellanic Cloud where the Endless Armada just appeared.

Cedric Beust 2004-11-22nd

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