1210 - Unterwegs nach Magellan
On the Way to Magellan
Arndt Ellmer

After starting the Endless Armada in the direction of Magellan, the second Chronofossil, Perry Rhodan and his crew talk with the Element of the Mask they rescued. He is willing to help the Terrans because he knows that Kazzenkatt will now hunt his race down and exterminate it, but before he can do anything, he is killed by Kazzenkatt remotely.

In order to replace the void left by the Chronimals and the Elements of the Mask, Kazzenkatt goes to the Incubator, a place hidden between the continua where the various elements are manufactured by an android called 1-01-Helm. The Androide blames Kazzenkatt for his failures and he shows him several Dolans made of protomatter that were recently manufactured.

Despite his power and his ability to Zero-Dream and therefore, go to any location instantaneously, Kazzenkatt realizes that the Endless Armada is too big of an opponent, so he decides to focus his efforts directly on the next Chronofossil.

In the Loolandre, Nachor is subject to visions of Ordoban's past life and he starts wondering if he is not turning into Ordoban. In Magellan, Vishna and Taurec discover that Rhodan's psychic matter has disappeared without activating the Chronofossil.

Cedric Beust 2004-11-22nd

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