121 - Das Erbe der Echsen
Heritage Of The Lizard People
Clark Darlton

A Terran squadron maintains itself at a certain distance from the Azgo system. Perry Rhodan is waiting for the harvester ship of the Sauriens (Lizard People) to arrive at Azgola in order to send it onward to Arkon II. A Gazelle leaves the SIRIUS and deposits three teleporters - Ras Tschubai, Tako Kakuta and Pucky - on the surface of Azgola. Until the harvester vessel arrives, the three mutants relax on the planet where they meet two Azgonians who were missed by the evacuation. They have begun to get very fat.

The harvester ship finally arrives and begins to suction up the spores. Wherever the ship passes, the lipofungus (fat-moss) ends up dying. The three mutants jump aboard the harvester ship. The commander-robot of this vessel, Rabotax III, immediately detects them. This is not its first meeting with another race. Previously, it came upon a civilization of robots in the heart of the Milky Way. Pucky neutralizes the narco-beamers and blocks the transmission between Rabotax III and the ship's propulsion unit.

Rhodan then transmits impulses ordering the harvester ship to move onward to Arkon II. It normally could leave immediately, but its propulsion unit cannot be activated due to the blocked connection. Meanwhile, the three teleporters have been paralyzed and, as a result, Pucky cannot reestablish this connection himself. Fortunately, Rabotax III establishes contact with them by means of a robot with a picture communication screen. The mousebeaver is able to reestablish the connection with the ship's propulsion unit and the harvester ship leaves for Arkon.

On Rhodan's orders, the IRONDUKE heads toward Outside, the star of Mechanica. Enroute, it passes a mysterious spindle ship belonging to the same civilization of robots already met by the harvester ship. The harvester ship begins its work on Arkon II. When the operation is finished at the end of six days, Rhodan orders the destruction of the main transmitter station of Mechanica. In spite of an unexpected defense of the planet, the order is executed by the IRONDUKE.

The three teleporters, after having followed a treatment relieving them of all their excess weight, rejoin the SIRIUS. Rhodan then transmits an order parking the harvester ship on the periphery of the galaxy.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-02-08

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