1209 - Die Grauen Lords
The Gray lords
Kurt Mahr

In a distant past...

The Alai are brought into the Abyss by Narl Narlensot, the first Abyss Agent. They received from the Cosmocrats the mission to build Starsen, a gigantic city that will serve the Powers of Order later. Shortly after their arrival, some of the Alai are hit by the Grey Influence, a force coming from the Abyss that drives people crazy and petrifies them. Caves are built under Starsen when a technology called Vagenda is used to counter the effect of the Gray Influence, which withdraws soon thereafter.

Thousands of years later, the main builders of Starsen are the Chrass, a race of tree-like creatures. Their leader, Krrrzssl, discovers that the Grey Influence is still present in a latent form in the caves. It has slowly permeated the underground of Starsen and additional technology from the Cosmocrats is needed to contain it. The guardians of the four transmitter gates succumb to the Grey Influence and the gates themselves stop working shortly thereafter. The hierarchy of statuses is created, segregating the Starsen population in four levels.

Two mutated Space-Time Engineers take the lead of the Brotherhood and of the Geriocrats. They use status-one citizens to refill the energy accumulators that keep the Grey Influence at bay.

More time passes and a transmitter gate is suddenly reactivated. The Steel Lord enters Starsen and it soon conquers Starsen with his Steel Soldiers.

The negative energy floods Starsen and all its inhabitants become victims of the Grey influence. Atlan, Chulch and Wolebol leave the city in search of the Steel Lord while Salik surrenders to the Geriocrats. Hiding his cell activator, he pretends he lost his memory and his goal is to be thrown into the accumulator, hoping that his status of Knight of the Abyss will protect him.

Cedric Beust 2004-11-16

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