1208 - In den Katakomben von Starsen
In the Catacombs of Starsen
Kurt Mahr

In the caves, Atlan and Chulch see seven Brothers deliver hundreds of Starsen citizens to the Blind Hermits, who turn out to be living trees moving around on their roots. As the prisoners are taken away, the procession is attacked by plants that kill some of them.

Atlan and Jen Salik finally meet in the caves and they find Roster Roster, the Scout of the Cosmocrats. He's a creature that can separate himself in several parts. The proximity of Atlan and Salik's cell activators restores his energy and he explains that the prisoners are being taken to a place called the Golden Area.

Roster explains that the plan of the Cosmocrats failed because they underestimated the power of the Abyss: some Space-Time Engineers fell prey to its psychic influence and turned into Gray Lords. Roster takes the Terrans to the Golden Area where the Blind Hermits show respect for the cell activators. Inside the Golden Area, they discover the giant representation of a cell activator, an egg-shaped constructoin a thousand meters high. The prisoners of the Blind Hermits are taken inside and when Atlan and Jen Salik claim that they are Knights of the Abyss, the Blind Hermits accept their authority and start telling them the history of Starsen.

Cedric Beust 2004-11-11

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