1206 - Flucht ins Labyrinth
Escape in the Labyrinth
Clark Darlton

After his victory over Nogon, Jen Salik gains the command of the Merkatenders and he teams up with their chief, Wolebol. In Nogon's palace, Jen Salik discovers a statue of the mysterious Steel Man who turns out to be nobody else but Tengri Lethos-Terakdschan, who disappeared without traces after Vishna merged with the Viral Empire.

Salik learns that the Abyss year corresponds to three Earth month and that each year is separated by a period of a few days where everything goes dark. This Dark Time is now starting, marking the beginning of a new year, and the Steel Soldiers capture Nogon. In the meantime, the two Geriocrats Hulnan and Kalk are looking for Jen Salik on the order of their mysterious leader. Jen Salik's escape leads him and Wolebol into caves under Starsen.

The radiation of Salik's cellular activator awake a creature called Jorstore who turns out to be one of the two Scouts sent by the Cosmocrats into the Abyss thousands of years ago and who became the victime of a phenomenon slowly petrifying him. Jorstore explains that the master of the Brotherhood is a former Space-Time Engineer and then dies. His last words are a request for Salik to go down deeper in the maze and to look for Roster Roster, the other scout. In order to find him, Salik should follow the light of his activator.

Cedric Beust 2004-11-05

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