1204 - Der erste Impuls
The First Impulse
H.G. Ewers

Rhodan makes an incursion in the psat to communicate his plan to Gesil. The preparations to host most than twenty billion Two-Noses start and when everything is ready, the Time Travelers send the impulse hurling the entire population in the present one second before they get exterminated by the Masters of the Island.

In order to accomplish is part of the bargin, deliver the Chronimals to the Time Travelers, Rhodan uses a Springer spaceship that has been identified as being manned by Elements of the Mask. When Kazenkatt sends the Chronimals on board, the Time Travelers capture them and take them into the past. Threatened to be captured, Kazenkatt invokes the Element of Darkness and disappears.

As the Chronofossil Andro Beta is finally freed, Rhodan's mental energy is unleashed and a tremor on the Frost Ruby is detected, showing that the Porleyter anchor is beginning to weaken. It appears to Rhodan and explains to him that he will need to do this for every Chronofossil before finally taking the Endless Armada into the Abyss. It shows Rhodan a vision of Atlan and Jen Salik in a city that Nachor identifies as Starsen. When Rhodan asks It the location of Eden II, which is also a Chronofossil, the super-intelligence answers that he will find it when the time comes.

Cedric Beust 2004-11-04

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