1203 - Die Zeitgänger
The Time Travellers
H.G. Francis

The Time Travellers are a race of people evolving through time. They ride particles called chronons and are attracted by time anomalies. Each of them is usually assigned a period of time of 10,000 years and Nisel is the one in charge the current time. As he was picking up signals coming from the various time anomalies that Rhodan dealt with, such as the Akonid time transporter or the Cappin device, Nisel notices Rhodan, who is emitting strong time signals.

He decides to disobey the rule and using the time energy left inside Rhodan by the Chronimals, he takes him away as the Two-Nose is shooting him. Rhodan asks nisel to save the Two-Noses but he's told that this would create a time paradox. Nisel takes Rhodan to the Temporals, the ancestors of the Time Travellers, who live in a time area counterpart of the Matter Sources.

When Waylinkin sees Rhodan disappear before his eyes, he starts pursuing him throughout time and Rhodan manages to bring him into a trap.

Rhodan asks Nisel if it would be possible to transport the Two-Nose into the present time, and Nisel agrees that this should not cause any time paradox. In exchange, Nisel asks Rhodan to deliver him the Chronimals. Even though Rhodan doesn't control the mysterious animals, he accepts.

Cedric Beust 2004-10-28

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