1202 - Sturz durch die Zeit
Fall through time
H.G. Francis

Using Chronimals, Kazenkatt projects Rhodan back in time, in 2402, where he meets with Waylinkin, an androide capable of changing his molecular structure and that Kazenkatt asked to protect Rhodan. They rematerialize in space next to a Moby, and when Rhodan learns from Waylinkin the time, he realizes that in four days, the Masters of the Islands will be exterminating the entire race of the Two Noses by hurling Mobies on their homeworld.

Rhodan and Waylinking are taken onboard the Moby and Waylinkin secretly informs the Two-Nose commander, Karsof, who Rhodan really is. The two prisoners escape and have to flee in front of the Two-Noses and also from the Bio-Police, which is still active and indicates that the Moby is still alive.

After a long hunt, Rhodan and Waylinkin are captured as the Moby comes back to life. Karsof realizes that Waylinkin was telling the truth and that his race is doomed. Out of spite, he shoots Rhodan but as the energy ray is about to hit the Terran, the world freezes around him.

Cedric Beust 2004-10-23rd

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