1201 - Kosmisches Mosaik
The Cosmic Mosaic
Detlev G. Winter

Atlan, Jen Salik and Carfesch arrive in the Milky Way and present their report to the GAVOK. A Sigan notices that an Element of the Mask is impersonating one of his friends and the secret services manage to track him down and kill him, but only after he's been able to transmit information back to Kazenkatt.

Taurec asks Atlan and Jen Salik to go to the Abyss, which is the place where the Frost Ruby came from. There, they must meet with the Abyss Controller, and oversee the construction of a replacement for Triicle-9, which was started centuries ago by the Space Time Engineers. Taurec tells Atlan he is worried because he lost contact with the Abyss. Taurec brings Atlan and Jen Salik to a dying galaxy called Cor where they find a space station that belongs to the Cosmocrats.

Heading the Endless Armada toward the Milky Way, the Base comes across the Syzzel, and Reginald Bull comes on board. He says that Taurec and Vishna are staying on the Syzzel because they are exhausted but Pucky is the only one suspecting something after he detected that Bull was behaving strangely and emitting an odd smell.

When Pucky finally understands Bull is actually an Element of the Mask, it is too late and the impostor paralyzes Rhodan and takes him before Kazenkatt, helped by the Element of Darkness.

Cedric Beust 2004-10-22nd

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