1200 - Ordoban
Kurt Mahr

Millions of years ago, the empire of Nor-Gamaner was ruling over several galaxies. The main people was the Saddreykar, one-eyed humanoids coming from the Behanien galaxy. During a battle, one of the most acclaimed Saddreykar lieutenants, Ordoban, was killed but because he was such a symbol for his people, his consciousness was conserved in an energy container. Before he died, Ordoban asked his assistant, a two-eyed hunchback named Saddreyu, to take over his succession. Nobody knows where Saddreyu is from.

In memory of Ordoban, the Loolandre is created : a spectacular monument where Ordoban's psychic essence is kept in the Room of Stars. The Loolandre is destined to become the tourism center point of the galaxy and the main symbol of the Nor-Gamaner empire.

Over the next millennia, the Nor-Gamaner empire spreads, stagnates and finally declines. Saddreyu dies of old age and his mind is now able to enter the Loolandre. During this period, Ordoban has honed his mental skills and he is now able to send his mind light years away. He is also busy writing up the history of the Saddreykars.

During the 20th millennium, the Cosmocrat Tyrik arrives in the Loolandre and tells Ordoban that the Power of Chaos have been making alarming advances lately. Tyrik explains that two main powers are constantly fighting for power in the universe, and he represents the Power of Order.

Shortly after the Big Bang, the Power of Order created the Moral Code of the Universe, made of a double helix structure that spans over the entire cosmos, similar to human DNA. This double helix structure is also called the Endless Armada because it has no beginning and no end, it just circles endlessly throughout the cosmos.

The Endless Armada is made of millions of psionic fields and more recently, one of these fields, called Triicle-9, has been threatened by the Powers of Chaos, who are trying to disrupt its balance and to provoke a mutation of the helix. Tyrik asks Ordoban to assemble a gigantic fleet in order to protect Triicle-9.

In the months that follow, thousands of spaceships and tons of technological equipment arrive in the Loolandre on behalf of the Cosmocrats. The delegate of the Cosmocrats is a robot called Hortevon and he explains to Ordoban how the new technologies work. One of them, called Goon, will power the fleet, and soon, all the spaceships are fitted with Goon Blocks, which tap the hyperspace for their energy.

Led by the Loolandre, the Fleet arrives to the resting place of Triicle-9, which is hiding in a temporal crack. The first fleet to join Ordoban's armada is the Skop F'durnadde. The next one hundred races that follow are called Clans, and F'durnadde becomes their mother. As the fleet grows, Ordoban creates robot helpers that he calls Armadamonteurs, and also Armada Forges, where all the repairs are done and the new material is manufactured. Hortevon hides the Loolandre behind the temporal crack and four gates are installed in order to protect it from intruders. The control of these gates is given to Chmekyr, a creature that Hortevon nominated.

In the 36th millennium, the fleet contains five hundred thousand units and Ordoban declares that its formation is now complete. The number of units decreases with time as more and more civilizations merge and unite their respective fleets.

In the meantime, Saddreyu has been perfecting a cloning program and the first clone comes out. He has a silver-looking skin and Ordoban calls him Parwondov, while calling him his first son. Parwondov is given the control of the Armada Forge Hortevon and more silveries are creating in the following years.

A Saddreykkar expedition reaches the Loolandre and Ordoban is none too happy to see his compatriots. He organizes a big celebration but fails to pick up on warning signs coming from Triicle-9. He disregards Hortevon's warnings and suddenly, Triicle-9 disappears. Ordoban decides to go after Triicle-9 and he calls his fleet the Endless Armada, the same name as the Double Helix.

Several centuries go by when one unit is suddenly missing. Ordoban realizes that he can no longer trust the members of his fleet to follow him, so he creates the Final Impulse, which is a psychic order sent to anyone who tries to desert the Armada. In order to increase his control over the fleet, Ordoban has 70% of his psychic mass concentrated into tiny Armada Flames that are created in the Seal Ship and fitted over the head of every Armadist.

Ordoban also creates the White Ravens, whose mission is to maintain the order throughout the armada, and he asks the Torkrotians to constantly harrass and attack the Armada Units in order to make sure they are constantly ready to defend themselves.

Ordoban completes the history of the Endless Armada and calls it Armada Chronicles. The Chronicles are hidden in a pyramid guarded by the Wonnes, small creatures that each receive the role to memorize a fragment of the history. In order to limit the growth of the units, Ordoban creates Sleep Ships, where Armadists are put into a cryogenic sleep in rotation with other units. Ordoban also creates the Armada Prophet, an energetic creature that is suppposed to help him anticipate future events.

As his strengths start declining, Ordoban uses most of his remaining psychic energy to create Nachor, his heir. Ordoban wipes Nachor's memory clean and then sends him into the Armada, hoping that he will find his destiny by himself. Ordoban instructs Saddreyu to assist Nachor, should he ever find his way back to the Loolandre.

Throughout the years, Nachor gains some influence in the Armada and he takes the lead of the Rebels, engaged in a fierce war against the Armadasmiths who have decided they wanted to overthrow Ordoban and take over the Endless Armada.

When the Armada finally finds Triicle-9, Ordoban is convinced that it's the Galactic Fleet that stole it, and when the Terrans enter the psionic field, Ordoban orders the Armada to follow them. This was his last mistake, as the feedback shock he receives kills him.

Back in the present...

When Nachor finishes telling the story, Rhodan realizes he now has the answer to two of the three Ultimate Questions: what the Frost Ruby is for and where the endless Armada begins and where it ends. Carfesch materializes in the Base and he says that when he was kidnapped by the Armadasmiths, he was summonned by the Cosmocrats beyond the Matter Sources. Carfesch has been asked by the Cosmocrats to explain to Rhodan what the Chronofossils are.

During the past centuries, Rhodan and the human race have accomplished major alliances and uncovered many secrets. Each of these new victories has received a tiny fraction of Rhodan's psychic imprint, and the location where such a victory happened is called a Chronofossil: a distinct location in time and space that is an integral part of the history of the cosmos: Andro-Beta, the World of a Hundred Suns, Gatas, Eden II, etc...

Each of these Chronofossils creates a network of psychic forces and whenever the Endless Armada approaches one of them, it will create a shock wave that will shake out the restraining field that is currently keeping Triicle-9 immobile. Once Triicle-9 is freed, it will return to its natural location. Also, the shock waves are expected to revive Ordoban, whose psychic imprints still permeate the Loolandre.

Before moving on with his new mission, Rhodan orders the Armadasmiths to assist the peoples who were imprisoned by Seth Apophis in the Frost Ruby. To assist them in this task, he gives them control of the 900,000 spaceships of the Barbarians, while warning them that any attempt at escaping their new duty will result in their unconditional destruction.

Atlan leaves for the Milky Way in order to prepare the Terrans for the imminent arrival of the Endless Armada.

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