12 - Das Geheimnis der Zeitgruft
The Secret of the Time Vault
Clark Darlton

While Perry Rhodan has been away Allan D. Mercant has succeeded in merging all the secret services of the Earth into the Terran Defense Federation (TDF). Arriving on Terra, Perry Rhodan mans the understaffed STARDUST II and its hunter fleet. Then a call for help arrives from the Wega system. The Topsiders have begun their attack on Rofus, where the Thort is exiled.

John Marshall, who checks out the Thort of the Ferrones, finds out that he is loyal to the Terrans, but concealing something about the material transmitters. The Ferrones did not manufacture them, for they are not capable of thinking in five dimensional terms. They were given to them by beings that live longer than the sun. There is also a reference to the hidden vault on Ferrol, which is locked with five-dimensional locks.

Perry Rhodan scents a secret that he must follow here. He suspects that the being, which lives longer than the sun, must have something to do with immortality.

By transmitters members of the Mutant Corps are sent to Ferrol in order to support the resistance fighters of the Sichas and the Ferrones, and arrange bloodless disorder among the Topsiders and their fleet.

Later, from the Ferrone scientist Lossoshér, Perry Rhodan learns the story of the beings that live longer than the sun and that they came from the tenth planet of Wega. As thanks for assistance, they left the Ferrones the transmitters and their construction plans, which were however secured by five-dimensional locks, so that only beings who could think five-dimensionally, and thus were mature enough, could copy them.

Arriving on Ferrol over the transmitter, Rhodan, Tschubai and Kakuta search for the vault, but find only an empty hall. However a five-dimensional field must be there, since Wuriu Sengu cannot penetrate it with his ability as a scout.

The Mutants successfully disturb the arrival of a delegation of the despot of Topsid. The Topsiders panic, and immediately leave Ferrol. They fly to the fortieth planet and settle there on the six moons, in order to make new plans for the conquest of the Wega system.

Rhodan receives the key formula with which the time vault can be opened from the Thort. He gives it to the STARDUST II's ship positronic to decipher. The result allows them to use the converted radio waves of the local star to access the field which locks the vault and shifts it into another time, thus making its contents invisible to the present. If the waves are interrupted, it should be possible to gain access to the contents of the vault.

Anne Sloane tries with Tanaka Seiko's assistance to divert the rays in the vault. Ras Tschubai is ready to jump into the vault, if Wuriu Sengu can see the contents. This succeeds, but Anne Sloane breaks down and Ras Tschubai is hurled through time, until Anne Sloane can divert the rays again and the vault reopens. Although the attempt was interrupted only for seconds, Ras felt several minutes pass by.

The capsule retrieved from the vault can be opened with a little effort, and as expected contains the construction plans for the material transmitters, as well as seven documents, which are to be decoded only by the Arkonides.

Cedric Beust 2005-11-02

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